MICA rocket launch, part 3…

Well folks after a very Super weekend (Go Giants!), we’re back at Poker Flat Research Range and another week of rocket preparation. Over the past few days of work, we’ve done initial instrument turn ons for the Dual ERPA (DERPA) on the main payload. On Saturday (yes, we worked on Saturday), I actually got to do work. I mounted the ERPA onto the sub-payload and did the initial turn on. When we work with the payload or sub-payload all the scientists and engineers need to wear specialized blue anti-static lab coats. You might also notice in some photos that the engineers and scientists have cables hanging off their wrists. These are special cables that clamp onto the piece of equipment that we’re working on and attach to a wrist bracelet to keep us from having a static discharge while working on the instruments. An electric shock, even the small ones you get from socks on the carpet, could be enough concentrated charge to fry the circuitry we’re working with. So we have to be very cautious about static charge, especially since there’s almost no humidity here; that means that electric charge can jump or spark across a gap even more easily. But so far everything has looked perfect with the instruments. So that’s definitely a good thing, knock on wood.

Here are some photo updates of what’s been going on.


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